Yakena Straits Observatory

Water watching near the end of Katsuren Peninsula

 By Michael Flemming   May 4, 2013

Travelers dashing across the bridges to five scenic islands off of Katsuren Peninsula are bypassing an obscure scenic overlook with views rivaling Cape Manza and the Kerama Islands. New road signs now guide visitors to the Yakena Straits Observatory just south of the bridge to Henza Island on Route 37 in Okinawa. The observatory itself is but a humble collection of viewing areas from the shoreline to a hilltop, but the view of the surrounding maritime beauty is priceless. Park carefully along the street next to the observatory. The site is free of charge and is open year round and around the clock.

Photography by Michael Flemming
Japan Travel Member

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Preethu 2 years ago
I like your pic
Victoria Vlisides 2 years ago
Isn't the clear blue water just amazing? Nice photos.
Michael Flemming Photographer 4 years ago
Mike, I wouldn't have found this place without the signs. I first pulled into the mysterious Yakena Island but didn't get very far past the bridge as the road became impassible to my van. I think there is a para-sailing business on the otherside of the undeveloped island, and a bunch of little farms. I'm thinking it would make a great day backpacking trip.
Michael R Lynch 4 years ago
Thanks for pointing this out. It used to be hard to find, before signs were posted.