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Hokusetsu's Fiery Daruma Temple

An extraordinary illumination of autumn leaves

Location: Meiji no Mori Minō Quasi-National Park (明治の森箕面国定公園) in Hokusetsu, Osaka

Katsuo Temple (勝運の寺), the temple of winner's luck

This national park is located in the relatively low mountainous region (100m-600m above sea level) of northern Mino City. It has long been famous for its autumn foilage and waterfalls. Katsuo Temple rests in the upper part of the national park, creating a vivid image when surrounded by the colors of autumn. I visited in 2013 at the end of November.

The special light up event at Katsuo Temple takes place from November 11th and finishes November 30th, so it does include the Labor Day Thanksgiving weekend holiday.

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Find out more about Katsuoji Temple.

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