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The Lucky Daruma Temple: Katsuoji

Want to win something, anything? Come to Katsuoji

Here is the Lucky Daruma Temple, Katsuoji, in Mino City, Osaka.

You can enjoy a comfortable stroll from Mino Station to "Meji Period's Mino Forest Waterfall." Beyond the waterfall on a mountain road is a temple.

Here at Katsuoji there is a long history of people that came to pray for good luck to win events in their lives. Most notably are famous warlords or generals, such as Genji and Ashikaga. As people came to prayer here to win contests or events, more and more Katsuoji became known as the "temple of the winner's luck." Even now, there are Daruma dolls watching over us here and there around the temple grounds. Such charming Daruma charms, please give us your luck!

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