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Lost Property on a Plum Tree Branch

Half open blossoms at a Plum Festival in Osaka

On 1st March in 2012, I visited the Plum Blossom Festival at the Natural and Cultural Gardens of Expo Commemoration Park in Osaka for the second time. Ten days had passed since my last visit, but low temperatures meant the plum blossoms hadn't changed much! I wonder if they were 60% in bloom? Still, families and couples enjoyed picnic lunches on nearby benches or on the lawn. Despite the cold weather, they looked so happy! As I was admiring gorgeous plum blossoms I spotted a very cute girl's bag hanging from a plum branch... somebody must be worried about their lost property right now!

Plum Blossom Festival at Expo Commemoration Park 1. Tower of the Sun and Plum Blossoms 2. Glorious Plum Blossoms at Expo Park 3. Lost Property on a Plum Tree Branch

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