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By Bonson Lam    - 3 min read

It is Saturday night and you are looking for somewhere to have some fun. Somewhere you can have a few laughs, a beer and a game or two between jokes or reminiscing over the big day or week you had. Why not come to Nambar 10, inside the Swissotel complex on top of Namba Railway Station.

This is a great location for a low pressure date night, a gathering with friends or family, or place to get away from it all. With a spacious interior, a clean and smoke free environment and no geishas in sight if you want to escape from stereotypical Japan.

It is also a great place to support your favourite team or player. Whether you are here to watch the Rugby World Cup, the Summer or Winter Olympics, or the World Leagues Baseball, the ten television screens provide you with a great choice, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, ask one of the friendly wait staff. If you want more action, try one of the billiard or table soccer tables, or the dartboard. For gamers who want more retro action, a night combined with an outing to the Space Station arcade parlour could be just the ticket.

They also have a number of mainstream and craft beers on tap, along with the famous Japanese Whiskey flight set, a sampler sure to liven your party. The large sit down tables accommodate a group of six or eight easily, or you can sit at the counter as well. While they serve dinner and snacks, it is not a gourmet restaurant, but one that serves crowd pleasing individual and share plates, from miniature hamburgers, to nachos and battered fish and chips.

If your date didn’t turn out so well, its midnight closing time provides you an excuse to end the night early. If it goes very well, of course, you can go up to the panoramic lounge on the 36th floor or one of the hundreds, if not thousands of establishments within earshot of here. Namba is that kind of place; a party capital concentrated a hundred times over.

Is Nambar 10 the best bar or pub in Osaka? Well that depends on your tastes. If you are after a good family-friendly spot, a place that feels a bit like a cleaner version of your living room, this place ticks all the boxes. If you are after something more atmospheric, try the Barney Stone or Murphy’s in Shinsaibashi, or for a more American / surfer vibe, Tin’s Hall in Tennoji.

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