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Osaka Castle Observatory

Enjoy a great view after visiting the famous Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is a well-known place in Kansai region to both tourists and locals. Osaka Castle is not the original as it was destroyed once during the Edo Period because of fire, and a second time during World War II. Even so, the castle is quite famous for its huge garden and its fascinating museum with items and artworks about Osaka Castle's history which lures many visitors every year. In addition to the historical and cultural value, Osaka Castle offers one of the best views on the entire city.

The observatory is accessible on the roof of the castle main tower, only reachable by using the stairs. from there, it is possible to enjoy a great 360° view of Osaka City. The high view is a delight for the eyes and there is no glass is between you and the landscape. The roof observatory is a reward after wandering through the long and interesting museum inside the castle. If you have never visited Osaka before, beginning with Osaka Castle is a great idea so take the opportunity to discover the city from up high.

Getting there

To reach Osaka Castle, the nearest station is Osaka-jo-koen (大阪城公園) on the JR Loop Line.

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