Osaka Tourism via the Nankai Line

Discover exciting destinations and shopping in Osaka

 By Bryan Baier   Nov 29, 2016

Osaka is more than just a city, it’s a unique cultural center of Japan. It encompasses ocean and coastline, mountains and farmland, and a populated core with enough fun and excitement to rival Tokyo.

Osaka’s Kansai International Airport sits a scant 45 kilometers from the center of Osaka. The Nankai Railway Line’s Limited Express Rapid service completes the journey from the airport to the center of Osaka’s bustling Namba district in as little as 35 minutes. The terminal, Nankai Namba Station, also houses the hip and convenient Namba City shopping center and provides direct access to the Dotonbori shopping and nightlife district.

There is quick and easy through access, with just one transfer to the Chuo Line, to places like the Kaiyukan Aquarium, the giant Ferris wheel, indoor theme parks, a multitude of traditional restaurants and a wide variety of shopping locations in the Tempozan Marketplace.

Namba City and the Tempozan Marketplace are locations part of the upcoming "Osaka Omotenashi Project," where tourists can enjoy various activities and rewards through a smartphone app.

Photography by Bryan Baier
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