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The Island Garden & Forest in Osaka

A man-made forest next to the Westin Hotel Osaka

When I was staying at the Westin Hotel Osaka the other day I spotted a garden just outside the lobby lounge of the hotel. It looked so 'green', despite the fact this hotel is located amid skyscrapers, that I became curious and decided to explore it. When I walked through the terrace door of the hotel lounge colorful koi (carp) welcomed me from the pond they were swimming in. Delighted, I further explored the garden. It turned out that the garden is called, "The Island Garden-Island Forest", a man-made garden created in the middle of Shin (new) Umeda City. Through the tree-tops of the forested garden, you can see the 'Floating Garden' and the 'Sky Bridge' of the Umeda Sky Building next to it. The garden was almost deserted and serene, as though it was a true forest in a mountain!

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