The Million Dollar View! (Photo: View from Umeda Sky Building, Osaka – Casey Yee / CC BY-SA 2.0)
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Umeda Sky Building Garden

For a "million dollar view" of Osaka!

Imagine holding the hands of your loved ones and watching the sun retreats to one of the most beautiful sunsets in Japan. As the sun sets, you can see how this great metropolitan switches on into the night from the top of Umeda Sky Building. This 360 degrees view of Osaka is worth coming to either in the day or at night. The view here is known as the “million dollar view” and is indeed a million dollar experience.

When you arrive in Osaka station, you will surely not miss the very unique Umeda Sky Building. It is the pair of skyscrapers that have a connecting donut shaped bridge high up in the top. This donut shaped structure on the rooftop is the observation tower, also known as the “Floating Garden” or Lumi-skywalk. Do not expect to see any trees or flowers, instead illuminated floors within the sky-walk and breathtaking view of buildings light up when you watch over the metropolitan and its inhabitants from the observation levels.

On the rooftop is a heart-shaped “deck” for couples to enjoy the view and seal their love. The floor is made of illuminated glasses and LED that changes color when couples sit on the bench. Couples can choose to purchase heart-shaped locks to swear their love and keep it locked at the love-swearing fence by the deck.

If you coming during the day, you can have not only a clear view of Osaka but also Awaji Island on the south from the 170 meter structure. Also, on a sunny day, the glass wall on Umeda Sky Building is a gigantic canvas reflecting the sky and clouds when you look at from afar.

If you fancy a drink or a cup of coffee while enjoying the view, then you would want to head to the 40th floor. There is a café and seats on both sides on the building. On the north part which is also the River Side, you can find white-colored high chairs by the 35m glass counter, looking down onto Yodogawa River. On the other hand at south side, you find yourself at the “City Side” of the floor, overseeing clusters of skyscrapers . If you are observant enough, you can even spot the Osaka famous Tsutenkaku Tower.

The sophisticated Umeda Sky Building does not only boast its design but also has the best safety measures to protect it from earthquakes and other disasters. The entrance costs you 700 yen so if you are planning to come, remember to pop by the Osaka Tourist Information center to get seasonal discount coupons.

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Novia Mardasari 3 years ago
Good view from the top :)
Anonymous 9 years ago
That is definitely a million dollar view right there!
Michelle Montano 9 years ago
One of my favorite spots in Osaka. Amazing pictures.
Michael Flemming 10 years ago
Very, very breathtaking views indeed.
Grace Kwon 10 years ago
This place was absolutely amazing! The view on the rooftop was breathtaking as the floor is transparent and it feels like you're walking in the air. With this effect, you can see the whole city right beneath your feet! It was definitely a unique experience and I think it would be a very nice date spot, with the beautiful heart-shaped 'deck' and illuminations, especially in the evening.

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