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Uemachi Daichi

Historic roads amidst in Osaka's suburbs

When in Tennoji or if you are staying at Hotel La Aroma then chances are you’ll plan a visit to many of the known attractions in the area. Tennoji is in fact full of little known treasures so wondering from the common sights is something I highly recommend. If you have an interest in history and like escaping crowded areas from time to time then there is one place that is a must visit. Uemachi Daichi is situated in the midst of a quiet suburbia and hosts many of the cities historical sights. From the St. Maria Cathedral to the remains of Kumano road the area is filled with relics of the past. Most of the sights are spread out a little from each other but this makes for an interesting stroll, just 20 minutes or so walk from Nanba or Tennoji in downtown Osaka.

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