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Hotel La Aroma, Tennoji

Comfort and value from Sendai to Osaka

Peace and quiet is what makes the perfect hotel for some. If this is an important trait for you then opting for an adults only hotel may be something you’d like to consider. Of course we all love children but sometimes a more mature environment can make for a more relaxing atmosphere.

Now imagine a quiet hotel with a budget price, modern interior and fantastic location. Of course such places exist and Hotel La Aroma, Tennoji is one of them. In fact La Aroma is a chain with three premises. With hotels in Tennoji and Dontonbori, Osaka as well as one in Sendai you can be certain of finding a quality place to stay whether you decide to visit the western or the more northern reaches of Honshu.

With two locations, choosing the right place to stay in Osaka could be difficult but the Tennoji area of the city has its own virtues. The La Aroma located in this ward is in close proximity to Tennoji Zoo, Spa World, the Museum of Fine Arts and Tsutenkaku Tower to name a few sights. Many of the city’s main attractions are right on your doorstep. As it is located just five minutes' walk from Tennoji station the hotel is easy to find and Osaka’s other attractions are all within reach.

Upon entering you’ll be quickly attended to and greeted with Kansai hospitality. When I arrived the manager, Yoshiko Kai-san was lovely and made me feel welcomed at once. Opening the door, the pleasant feeling of seeing a large sized room and bed never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love sleeping on a futon but a double bed is always a welcoming place to sleep. Like most hotels, several room options are available. Of course the choice you make is entirely dependent on yourself though it’s important to mention that you will be satisfied with each of the three room types.

All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and toilet so everything is in your own private space. The hotel also offers meals and they are brought directly to your room, which is something I found to be extremely convenient. There is also a massage service available and this is also offered in the comfort of your own room. The level of privacy provided is something I’m sure many will appreciate. Other than these, the hotel actually lacks other facilities such as laundry but that is hardly an issue at all. Check in is available from 15:00, however its flexible day use rates allow you to use the room from as little as 2,340 yen for 75 mins.

With excellent value and quality, Hotel La Aroma is somewhere that is worth considering when coming to Japan. Though three separate hotels can present the issue of choosing where to stay, once you do make a choice you know that quality can be found in other parts of the country. For me that’s really reassuring. I’d love to extend my travels around Japan to the country’s north one day and after my first say with La Aroma here in Osaka I know they’ll be in my plans when I decide to make that journey.

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Justin Velgus 9 years ago
Oh, never heard of an adults only hotel (with the exception of love hotels!).
John Carter Author 9 years ago
I'd say this hotel was a borderline love hotel, but non the less a great place to stay in a pretty good location too!

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