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Valentine's Chocolate Expo 2022

3000 different chocolate types from 300 different brands

Jan 12th
Feb 14th
Photo: Jessica Loaiza on Unsplash / Unsplash
Venue: Hankyu Umeda Main Store When: Jan 12th - Feb 14th 2022

Looking for a gift for that special someone this Valentine's Day? The Hankyu Umeda Main Store is hosting a Valentine's Chocolate Expo, which is said to be the largest chocolate festival in Japan.

The event will include a whopping 3000 different chocolate types for sale from around 300 different brands, such as Coco Kyoto, Tokyo Chocolat Factory, and Latitude Craft Chocolate to name just a handful.

For those who can't make it to the event in-person, never fear – there will be online sales taking place. Even if you plan to visit in person, the website is a good way to scope out what's available.

Getting there

The Hankyu Umeda Main Store is located approximately 3 minutes on foot from Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station, or around 4 minutes on foot from JR Osaka Station.

For those who opt to drive, paid parking is available at the nearby Hankyu Grandville Parking Lot or the Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station Parking Lot.

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Elena Lisina 6 days ago
I've learnt from doramas that Valentine's Day in Japan has different traditions - only girls or women give chocolate! We never knew it before, but now it's quite popular. Here both genders can give chocolate.
Sleiman Azizi 4 days ago
Yeah, that was a surprise for me when I first experienced it, lol.