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Wooden House

Quaint and homey café in a quiet Osaka district

Near where I stayed in Osaka, they have this homey nook of a café called Wooden House. The first time I went there, I knew immediately that this café would alleviate some of the homesickness I have been feeling because of being alone most of the time. I did not necessarily make friends, no, but a sense of warmth comes out from the vibe of the café. I felt like somehow this is home. For a few days, at least.

This café is operated by my welcoming host’s mother, who takes care of most customers on her own. Not a lot of tourists come here, though. This is for the reason that its neighbourhood does not seem to have the safest reputation in Osaka. But from the time I spent there, all was safe and sound. This town, or any place in Japan, still does not amount to the danger of the streets from where I come from.

Wooden House is a very sweet and humble café located in Bainan, Nishinari Ward, Osaka. As might be obvious from its name, the café is built mostly on wood. It is totally a very personal piece of art as you walk inside. Ornaments and displays purchased were not restricted to a particular theme. Elements were mixed and matched to create a café as quaint as this. It is as creative as it can be without exerting too much effort. Most of its goers are the elderly which makes it a quiet place perfect for reading books. It was also a humbling experience for me to be sitting with those kind elderly of the neighbourhood.

On the menu are simple food items that you can enjoy from breakfast until lunch. There are kinds of breads with hard-boiled egg, salad, pies and cakes. You can also enjoy coffee, tea, or milk to match your light meal.

Wooden House’s menu may not have much to offer as many of the other famous cafes, but it’s the experience and atmosphere that is their strongest point. It is much like the feeling you get from coming home and then your mother cooking your favorite food for you.

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