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Yasui Shrine

The resting place of Sanada Yukimura

Staying at Toyo Hotel in Dobutsuenmae I chose to revisit the Uemachi Daichi area I’d previously visited before, as it is very close. Around a 15-minute walk I chose to take a different route to see what other historical sights I could discover. Walking down a small back street I found Yasui Shrine, an important relic in Osaka’s past. The shrine is supposedly the place where Sanada Yukimura was laid to rest after he died at the hands of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s forces during the siege of Osaka from 1614-1615. When walking up the daunting steps that lead to the shrine you’ll find banners flailing in the wind that state the 400th anniversary of the battle will start next year. The shrine is quite small but it’s history is incredible and well worth the visit. It’s a great place to start if you decide to walk the historic streets of Uemachi Daichi.

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