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Shivering in Iwate's Beauty
Winter trails on the outskirts of Iwate
Tohoku contains some of Japan's most undiscovered treasures, and while the 2011 tsunami and earthquake damaged the region, it has bounced back stronger and offers a gateway into the the less-trodden path in Japan.
Daruma Kuyo and Setsubun
Spring festivities at Nishiarai Daishi Temple
Setsubun is an event celebrated with much fanfare across Japan to welcome spring. At Nishiarai Daishi Temple in Tokyo, Daruma Kuyo is also held to usher in good fortune for the year.
Marunouchi Winter Illuminations
Lighting up Tokyo in style
With the long and cold evenings firmly set in, help to take away some of those winter blues by visiting Marunouchi’s colorful illuminations.
Cafe Nichigetsudo
Dishing up wood furnace baked artisan bread
Somewhere along the picturesque road on the way to Chichibu from Hidaka is a cozy nook of a stop called Cafe Nichigetsudo (カフェ日月堂). The warm brown of the all-wood house surrounded by greenery makes for an inviting combination. Right beside the cafe is a separate hut with a wood furnace where bread is lovingly crafted and freshly baked using natural yeast.
Mount Horaiji and Horaiji Temple
Amazing autumn leaves amidst a peaceful sanctuary
Mount Horaiji and Horaiji Temple are considered places of great spiritual powers. Famous among locals for its beautiful autumn leaves, the mountain has been designated as a national natural monument and boasts great scenery.
Senju-in Temple in Uguisudani
Take in the hush at this peaceful Tokyo temple
In the Uguisudani district of Tokyo, Senju-in is a pleasant, leafy Buddhist temple, with some attractive statues and a relaxing atmosphere.
Gokoku-jinja Shrine in Shizuoka
An impressive shrine in a forest setting
In the eastern part of Shizuoka city in central Japan, Gokoku-jinja is an impressive shinto shrine in a pleasant forest setting.
Restaurant Washoku Yohira
Seasonal Nagasaki cuisine in a traditional setting
Washoku Yohira is a hidden oasis in Shianbashi, Nagasaki's entertainment district. Housed in a lovely 140-year-old building, this wonderful restaurant serves traditional Nagasaki cuisine based on seasonal ingredients.
Konpira-san in Fujieda
Find peace on a hill with a shrine and a temple
In Fujieda in the suburbs of central Japan's Shizuoka city, Konpira-san is a small hill with a relaxing atmosphere created by the shrines found among its lush green forest.
Auberge Fujii Fermier
Farm inn where you can enjoy farming experience
Auberge Fujii Fermier is located in a small village close to the Echizen seashore in Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Found: 4473 results