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Asahikawa Ramen Aoba
Delicious Asahikawa shoyu ramen in Hokkaido
Asahikawa-style shoyu ramen in downtown Asahikawa
Picnic Cafe in Biei
Rustic cafe along the way to the Blue Pond
Quiet cafe in Biei, good for lunch
Jolly Jelly Fish in Hakodate
Japanese-Western food near Mt. Hakodate Ropeway
A quirky Japanese-Western restaurant in Hakodate
Utoro Women's Fishery Cafeteria
Fresh seafood rice bowls by the seaside
The Utoro Women's Fishery Café serves up fantastic seafood rice bowls in Utoro.
Baristart Coffee, Sapporo
Lattes in style in downtown Sapporo
Unique coffee stop in downtown Sapporo
Splendid Views From Satta-Toge Pass
An ideal spot for amateur and pro photographers
Near Shizuoka in central Japan, Satta-Toge Pass commands a really astounding view where one can see Mount Fuji standing majestically across a wide bay.
Harajuku Owl’s Forest
A unique experience with a room of owls
What to expect when visiting the unique cafe called Harajuku Owl’s Forest!
Nametsu Waterfall
One of the top 10 waterfalls of Miyagi
Nametsu Waterfall (滑津大滝) in Shichikashuku Town is considered one of the top 10 waterfalls in Miyagi Prefecture. At the bottom the grassy river basin is dotted with golden flowers, creating a picturesque scene.
Dencho-ji Temple in Odawara
A charming little neighbourhood temple
In the historical castle town of Odawara in Japan's Kanagawa prefecture, Dencho-ji is a small but charming neighbourhood Buddhist temple.
Sunflowers in Kochi
Golden fields just a short drive from Kochi City
Golden fields await you in Tosa City
Found: 4441 results