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Bells, Big and Small 23

Bells, Big and Small

Elena Lisina

Bells in Japan can be often found in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples where they play special roles. Small bells used as wind..

Kyoto Imperial Park 20

Kyoto Imperial Park

Elena Lisina

Kyoto Imperial Park is a good place for a break with the family, or some jogging or cycling. Many beautiful old trees grow there,..

Golden Hours 29

Golden Hours

Elena Lisina

Sunset is one of the most beautiful and impressive state of nature and is much appreciated by the Japanese. That admiration is reflected..

Mo Tattoo 11

Mo Tattoo

Serena Ogawa

Let Mo Tattoo design a tattoo just for you--or bring in your own design and get inked.

Shinto Shrine Ema 15

Shinto Shrine Ema

Elena Lisina

Ema are wooden plaques used for writing wishes or prayers to the deity of a Shinto shrine. Hung on special boards, ema can be purchased..

Honai Park 8

Honai Park

Kim B

Honai Park in Sanjo, Niigata, has a free greenhouse packed full of tropical plants including hibiscus, coffee, mango and pineapple..

Niigata 7
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