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Beachcombing at Inage Seaside Park
Collect seashells and Do-It-Yourself activities
Inage Seaside Park is a fun place to enjoy beachcombing and shell collecting, or witness the summer fireworks.
Tokyo Walks: Ryogoku
District popularly known as "Sumo City"
Ryogoku area is known as Sumo City as it features Kokugikan Sumo Stadium and many sumo-related objects. You can also find museums and parks nearby.
Ogushi Shrine in Shizuoka
Take a break at this picturesque city centre shrine
In the downtown heart of Shizuoka city in central Japan, Ogushi shrine is a pleasant shinto shrine, a good place to take a break from the bustle of the city.
Tokyo Walks: Mori Tower
A city of modern architecture, arts, and entertainment
Mori Tower is the landmark of the Roppongi District of Tokyo and is known as "a city within the city".
Tokyo Walks: Taito City
Traditional handicrafts, nature, and entertainment
The view around Taito City, including Asakusa, and some traditional crafts of that area.
Mandala Temple Wisteria Festival
A must-see Wisteria Festival in Central Japan
One of the best locations to enjoy wisteria in Central Japan.
Shinmei Hikawa Shrine in Tokyo
Imagine yourself transported to a deep forest shrine
In the western districts of central Tokyo, Shinmei Hikawa shrine is a small, charming shinto shrine, feeling as if it's deep in a forest rather than in a busy city.
Surroundings of Matsumoto Castle
Nearby beautiful garden and animals
Matsumoto Castle is surrounded by a beautiful garden and its waters are inhabited by birds and fish. On the way to the Castle are many old houses to admired.
Scuba Diving on Ishigaki Island
Diving with Viking Scuba Kabira in an Okinawan paradise
Head to Ishigaki Island if you want to go scuba diving in an Okinawan island paradise.
Samurai Trail's Little-known Spots
Biggest Zen Rock Garden & Old Post Town in Kiso Valley
Little-known Great Spots in the Kiso-Fukushima area: The biggest Zen garden in east Asia and a cozy post town, along the Kiso Samurai Trail.
Found: 4369 results