Glover Garden

Beautiful gardens with incredible views over Nagasaki

By Kim B   Nov 21, 2018 - 1 min read

If you appreciate gardens, architecture, or stunning views, a visit to Nagasaki's Glover Garden is worth your time. The garden is perched high up on a hilltop, giving visitors some fantastic vantage points to see the city from above.

The site is where the Scottish merchant Thomas Glover built his home back in the 1800's. You'll find many examples of Western inspired architecture on the garden grounds, and perhaps best of all, you're able to head inside the buildings to explore up close. There are also several ponds filled with koi, and you can purchase fish food at small vending machines if you'd like to feed them!

Opening hours do differ depending on the season, so check their website to confirm before your intended visit.

Getting there

Glover Garden is easily accessible via Nagasaki's tram network. From Nagasaki Station, take tram line number one (Shokakuji-shita) until you reach Tsuki-machi. From there, transfer to tram line number five and alight at either Oura Tenshudo-shita or Ishi-bashi. From those stops the garden is under ten minutes on foot.

Alternatively, taxis are plentiful at Nagasaki Station to take you right to the destination.

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