Sakura Street, Tokyo

The night cherry blossoms in Yaesu

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Between late March and early April, Sakura Street in Tokyo's Yaesu area becomes a great place to admire the beautiful night-lit cherry blossom trees. A popular place for an evening stroll, many people drop by on the way home from work to take in the lovely scenery.

The cherry blossom trees of Sakura Street were originally planted in 1936 but were unfortunately destroyed by the large fires that burned during World War II. The trees were again planted in 1956 and have continued as is until the present day.

As can be seen from the photos, there are many high-rise office buildings and skyscrapers that surround the street. Despite this, the beauty of the street's cherry blossom scenery really is on display when you come to have a look.

There are about 170 trees of the kind known as someiyoshino in Japanese. It's a standard cherry blossom species but when they are lit up at night, as they are here, the tunnel of trees created is really quite moving. It's so impressive that you'll see many businessmen on the way home simply stop walking and pause to have a look. The illumination really is that beautiful.

Nearby, visitors will find the famous Nihombashi Takashimaya department store along with many other shops and stores. There is naturally a lot of shopping to be had in the area and so quite satisfying for the shopaholics out there!

The illuminated cherry blossom trees of Yaesu's Sakura Street are on display 24 hours a day during the spring season. If you have the opportunity, you really ought to come and visit. The trees really are beautiful.

Getting there

The street is a 5-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station or about a 6-minute walk from Nihombashi Station on the Toei Asakusa or Metro Tozai and Ginza lines.

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