Tokyo's Brick Square Illuminations

A peaceful oasis

By Steve Morton   Feb 14, 2018 - 1 min read

A short walk from Tokyo station lays the bustling Naka-Dori Avenue, famous for its upscale shops and offices. While this area has become popular over the last several years for its Champaign colored winter illuminations, there are several interesting side streets running off from this avenue that are well worth exploring. One of these is an area known as Brick Square. Filled with several upscale boutiques, restaurants, classical European styled buildings and to top it off an English garden. This peaceful square represents an ideal oasis that lies in stark contrast to the surrounding metropolis.

Even if you don’t like shopping (like myself), this area provides a great chance to experience some peace and tranquility where, at times, it is easy to forgot that you are in one of the world’s most modern and bustling cities.

Although this area is a nice place to visit anytime of the year, it really comes to life during the winter as it is decorated in a sea of colorful illuminations. This creates a colorful, picturesque and almost Disney-like environment in which to escape the cold weather

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