Kokura Castle

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Kokura Castle
Kokura Castle

Kokura Castle is a castle in Kitakyushu, Japan. It was built by Hosokawa Tadaoki starting in 1602, with construction completed in 1608. [Wikipedia]



2-1 Jonai, Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka (Map) (Directions)


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Kokura Castle in Kitakyushu

Kokura Castle in Kitakyushu


Kokura Castle is a very placid fortification, sitting in pleasant park and garden in the middle of Kitakyushu.

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Kokura Castle 13

Kokura Castle

Perri Silverstein

Kokura Castle is a fixture of the tourist's itinerary to Kitakyushu. Spend some time on the castle grounds and explore the many..

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Kokura Castle Complex

Kokura Castle Complex

Tristan Scholze

Kokura, the center of Kitakyushu, boasts Kokura Castle, the castle's Japanese Garden, a major shopping mall, a market, and several..

The Kokura Gion Festival

The Kokura Gion Festival

Mid Jul

The Kokura Gion Festival is a frenzy of mid-summer community drumming in northern Kyushu. Get your taiko on!

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Kokura Castle


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Hotel Crown Palais Kokura

Hotel Crown Palais Kokura

Hotel near Kokura Station. Surrounded by historical sights such as Kokura Castle and Kokura Castle Japanese Garden. Great location..

Asano Hotel

Asano Hotel

Asano is a business hotel located less than five minutes from Kokura Station in Kitakyushu. Convenient for visiting Kokura Castle..

Shokuniku Festival

Shokuniku Festival

Oct 5th - 9th 2023

If you're a meat lover, the Shokuniku Festival in Fukuoka is an event you shouldn't miss. Billed as the largest meat-based..

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Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden

Located in the hills south of Kitakyushu, the Kawachi Fujien is best known for its two 100-meter-long wisteria tunnels through which you can walk. N..

Fukuoka 10km away
One Day in Kitakyushu

One Day in Kitakyushu

Historic sites as well as sculpted and natural beauty prevail, day or night, in this city of around a million people.

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Daijiro Morohoshi Exhibition: Fuk...

Mar 20th - May 23rd 2021

Daijiro Morohoshi (1946 -) is a Japanese manga artist who is well-known for science fiction themed comic strips and pieces based..

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