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Naked Garden Saga 2022

Digital art at the Saga Prefectural Office and surrounds

Venue: Saga Castle When: Late Sep - Late Feb 2022

When you think of vibrant, immersive digital art events, the first place that comes to mind for them probably isn't a prefectural government building. The NAKED art collective turns this on its head with the Naked Garden Saga event, which will bring colorful projection mapping, illuminations, and interactive light displays to various destinations across the city – including the Saga Prefectural Government Office!

Photo: Naked Co., Ltd.

More information on the displays and the suggested walking route to enjoy all of them can be found on the official event website. Entrance to the prefectural government office portion of the event is free, but there is an admission fee of ¥700 for the Saga Castle Park display.

Photo: Naked Co., Ltd.

Getting there

The event takes place at several destinations around Saga, including the Saga Castle Park area and the Saga Prefectural Office Observation Hall. Both of the aforementioned venues are located under 10 minutes by taxi from Saga Station, which is served by the Nagasaki Main Line.

More info

Find out more about Saga Castle.

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