Muse Clinic (Photo: Muse Clinic)
Muse Clinic (Photo: Muse Clinic)
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Beauty Treatments and Anti-aging at Muse Clinic

Look and feel energetic while traveling in Japan

Traveling abroad can be exciting, exhilarating, and fun. It can also be stressful and take a toll on the body — especially when jet lag is involved. So it makes sense to make time for some self-care, even when traveling. Dr. Naoko Hitosugi is the Clinic Director at the Muse Dermatology & Pain Clinic in Musashi-Urawa, Saitama and has dedicated her career to helping people of all ages for over a decade. She speaks fluent English and several staff members at her clinic boast language skills including Arabic, Tagalog, Korean and English, so patients can feel at ease.

The proficient and caring team led by Dr. Naoko Hitosugi
The proficient and caring team led by Dr. Naoko Hitosugi (Photo: Muse Clinic)

All the treatments you could imagine

Muse Dermatology & Pain Clinic offers many treatments of varying length, invasiveness, and budgets.

One of the most popular treatments includes anti-aging injection therapy, which is a fast and effective way to gain results without any side effects. The garlic MAX Injection is an excellent option to reduce fatigue and ease muscle aches and pains — perfect for post-flight jetlag or after many hours of train journeys.

The placenta injection made in Japan and is highly safe, extracted from Japanese placenta without infection and rich in minerals and vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and cytokines. Placenta injection is known for its anti-aging effects and can improve conditions such as fatigue, pain, sunspots, wrinkles, and dry skin.

One of the most groundbreaking treatments is the platelet-rich plasma (also known as PRP) injection. This particular therapy is not yet widely available worldwide and is an innovative method to improve skin, repair muscle damage, joints, and more — all by using a concentrated version of the patient’s own platelets to encourage healing and regeneration. It’s a revolutionary treatment with significant and long-lasting results, especially when combined with anti-aging injections.

Injections aren’t all that is on offer — there are many more treatments according to patients’ needs.

The clinic also provides numerous laser, radio frequency, and ultrasound treatments such as Accolade Therapy which targets pigmentation issues with a high-melanin-absorbing alexandrite laser.

Dr. Naoko Hitosugi administering a skin treatment on a patient
Dr. Naoko Hitosugi administering a skin treatment on a patient

Ultra Cell FUS uses ultrasound to improve wrinkles and skin sagging at deep levels under the skin. For those concerned with cellulite, EMSCULPT, as well as Tenol therapy are extremely effective. EMSCULPT, in particular, is one of the newest treatments and sculpts the body by toning the underlying muscles, creating stronger muscles and reducing dimples on the skin. It works like an intensive workout — two 30-minute sessions are equivalent to doing 40,000 sit-ups in terms of results. It is a non-invasive way of increasing muscle, burning fat, and has been tested in peer-reviewed studies, proving its efficacy. There is also Coolsculpting, which painlessly focuses on problem areas specifically.

Treatments such as Botox, hyaluronic acid, and chemical peeling are also available, and outpatient surgery (on select days) for more invasive procedures is also an option.

Up-to-date technology and hygienic treatment rooms
Up-to-date technology and hygienic treatment rooms

The advantage of most treatments is they require little downtime, meaning patients are free to make the most of and enjoy their time in Japan.

Safe, fast, and professional — and customizable!

With so many cosmetic treatments available, and with many visitors to Japan being short on time, it can be difficult to know what’s best for one’s own situation. That’s where Dr. Naoko Hitosugi and her staff come in — they can come up with a treatment plan that best serves your needs, budget, and time constraints. You’ll be in good hands from your first consultation to your last treatment, and both check-in and payment are easily done via machines in the waiting room. Dr. Hitosugi and her team will make sure your visit to the clinic — and to Japan — is an effective and enjoyable experience. Depending on the treatment, patients can come into the clinic in the morning and still have plenty of sightseeing time in the afternoon. The clinic’s close proximity to Tokyo makes it easy to make the most of a short stay. Also, staff members are known to give excellent sightseeing tips — simply ask and they’ll be happy to offer recommendations!

Post-treatment care

The clinic offers consultations both at the beginning and end of the treatment plan so patients can feel comfortable throughout the process and ask any questions or raise concerns. A post-treatment plan may be recommended to enhance and prolong the results so that patients can continue to feel the effects even once they are back home. The clinic also has its own skincare product line, developed by Dr. Hitosugi using her years of expertise treating clients with a variety of needs. This can also be bought online for follow-up care.

Regardless of whether you’re simply interested in a little pick-me-up beauty care or some in-depth skin treatment, Muse Dermatology & Pain Clinic is here to serve your needs so you can put your best face forward — both in Japan and back home.

How to reserve and get there:

Please email the clinic to make an appointment before arrival and they will prepare a customized treatment menu according to your travel plans.

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