Things to Do in Saitama


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If you're visiting Saitama, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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Men Dojo is a delicious ramen restaurant well off the beaten path, with a wide menu and great tasting noodles.
The Mt. Hiwada - Mt. Takasashi - Mt. Monomi Trail, doable in a day, takes hikers through breathtaking natural settings across 3 mountains in Hidaka, Saitama. The scenery is beautiful, the hiking is easy, there are shrines, clearings, viewpoints, and a waterfall. What more could you want?
Chichibu Festival Hall was built to help travelers to feel the thrill of the Chichibu Yomatsuri at any time.
Kawagoe is quite famous in the Kanto area. Every year more than five million sightseers visit this small little Edo-style town, also known as “Little Edo” or “ko-edo”
AEON LakeTown will have you shopping until you drop: literally.
Last April I went to the Suzuki Shuzo Brewery in Iwatsuki, Saitama Prefecture, where I bought some very nice sake and discovered that they have a great museum as well.
Take a day trip or an overnight jaunt to the Chichibu Region.
Many visitors to Nagatoro in Saitama come for one reason – the chance to ride the rapids down the Arakawa (river).