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Saitama Youth Space Science Center

Astronaut Koichi Wakata is an emeritus director

Saitama City Youth Space Science Center is located in Saitama city, where Astronaut Koichi Wakata grew up. It was opened in 1988 to stimulate interest in science amongst the youth. The theme of this museum is "See, touch, can challenge", and it is a place for children and adults to enjoy.

The planetarium, which is the highlight of this museum, gives us the feeling of actually being there. Beginners can also enjoy listening to an easy-to-understand audio narration that accompanies the experience.

The optical projector called Chiron demonstrates a projection of about 10 million stars. You can feel the realistic starlit sky by digital video which uses six different video projectors.

The Japan Planetarium Society has studied the effects on deep sleep during these planetarium projections. The planetarium event which aims to induce sleep, is held on Labor Day. Many people participated and it proved quite a success. It will be held again this year in November. Why not come and join?

There are always lots of exhibitions on, and you can experience science first-hand. For example, you can see Foucault's pendulum, which demonstrates the rotation of the earth in a simple proof. One of the most interesting exhibitions is the ball coaster which utilizes the laws of kinetic energy, and is especially popular amongst visitors.

There is a solar system simulator and a celestial globe in the space area, where you really get to feel as though you are in space.

Displays fossil and rock specimens can also be witnessed too, where you can study a range of geological features as well.

A 20 minute Science Show is held every Saturday, Sunday and national holiday. The science professionals show a range of experiments and explain the principles behind them. A science squadron called 'Sai Ranger' give science shows four times a year. They show off experiments in a dramatic style at the large hall.

I hope lots of people visit the museum, and I hope it will become a more attractive tourist spot.

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