Chez Noir

Quirky mountainside cafe built by hand

By Sherilyn Siy   Feb 22, 2018 - 1 min read

If you visit Chez Noir, you will be greeted by Mr. Kazuo Kuwabara dressed in what looks like the uniform of a wait staff in a European establishment. Mr. Kuwabara built this house with his own hands, learning along the way, using waste materials from houses and buildings that were being demolished, and furnishing the cafe from the dumpster. This explains the patched up appearance of the place, but somehow, the overall look comes together. The knick knacks that you can browse while waiting for your meal have been collected by the Kuwabaras in their travels throughout Europe. I highly recommend the hamburg set with drink (¥1000) -- the steak is perfectly succulent and tasty. A solo sized homemade pizza costs only ¥500 and will be served to you piping hot on a sizzling plate. Also try the coffee and cake set (¥500). Mr. Kuwabara used to work at a cake shop where he learned how to make light and moist cakes.

Getting there

From the foot of Mt. Hiwada, the cafe is a 7 minute walk. The nearest train station is Koma Station along the Seibu Chichibu Line. From Koma Station, it is a 21 minute walk. Best to combine a visit to this cafe with a hike up the mountain. 

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