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Chichibu Muse Park

Wonderful park in the highlands of Chichibu, Saitama

If you plan to visit Chichibu in Saitama prefecture, make sure not to miss this place! Chichibu Muse Park, or as the locals call it, Miyuzu Park, lies across 375 hectares of land in the Chichibu highlands. This huge park has four zones that are categorized with cultural and sporting themes. You can explore this fascinating park easily, on foot or by bike. There are also hiking paths that can be challenging, but you can use the locomotive train called Sky Train to avoid getting tired if you wish to climb. Another amazing thing that you can enjoy is going to the observatory. You can see picturesque views of Chichibu City along with Mount Biko (Bikosan) to fill your camera frame. There is a public bus going to this park from Chichibu Station but make sure you can grab the last bus at 5pm.

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