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Nishiyatsu Onsen, Miyamoto-no-yu

Great hot springs with some sumo thrown in

A fun getaway not far from Tokyo is the Nishiyatsu Onsen located in Ogano near Chichibu Saitama Prefecture.

The twelfth-generation owner is former professional Sumo wrestler Tsurugidake Teruki. His family name is Kazuteru Miyamoto. One of the baths is in the shape of a Dohyo to give you the feeling of stepping into the ring. Throughout the day they change times to allow ladies to also experience this attraction. For a small fee you can reserve a private bath.

Dohyo shaped onsen bath
Dohyo shaped onsen bath

Our room was very spacious and while we were enjoying our dinner they came and set up the traditional Japanese bedding on the tatami mat.

Our room
Our room

When you check in make sure to reserve time at the Kura bar, 1000 yen each. Here in a 200 year old former warehouse you will be served various sake/wine drinks made from local fruit ingredients. Miwa and I tried the plum, strawberry, and blueberry sake. They were excellent and served in a Sumo glass.

Kura bar in 200 year old warehouse
Kura bar in 200 year old warehouse

The gentleman who stood next to us turned out to be the owner and I told him of my passion for sumo. Once we were finished with our drinks, he directed us upstairs to a museum of his Sumo career as well as historic family heirlooms. I was in hog heaven! There was even a picture of Hakuho in a ceremony cutting off Miyamoto-san's top knot. You will see several of his Mawashi used during the opening ceremony of each day's competition. He even has the Kenshokin (prize money envelopes) from his winning matches. As I stood and looked around the room, I spotted some really nice swords and long guns belonging to the Miyamoto family for generations.

Former Tsurugidake Teruki, family name Kazuteru Miyamoto - 42 kilos lighter
Former Tsurugidake Teruki, family name Kazuteru Miyamoto - 42 kilos lighter

Such a great experience, but that is not all. The dinner was a traditional Japanese feast. I could not read the menu, so Miwa translated each dish for me. The veggies and ingredients came from their farm and it was all very tasty.

In the morning we had a Japanese style breakfast with some bacon and eggs thrown in.

A relaxing getaway that I am sure you will enjoy.

Getting there

From Ikebukuro Station it is 78 minutes via the Seibu Chichibu limited express to Seibu Chichibu Station. There is a free shuttle bus which takes 20 minutes to Miyamoto Onsen. Reservations are required.

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Elizabeth S 2 years ago
This looks like a great retreat, and it's really not that far from the pilgrimage sites, right? Looks like you got a sumo pilgrimage to boot!
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Looks like a very special place!
Bonson Lam 2 years ago
The Dohyo shaped Onsen. How unique. I wonder what the strawberry and blueberry sake tastes like.
Bonson Lam 2 years ago
I would be a fan of that. Speaking of fruity wine, I am making some red wine poached pears. A bit like mulled wine, now that we are heading towards Christmas. Great with some blue cheese as well.

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