Coffee Addict and Rubino

For the love of coffee and antiques

By Sherilyn Siy   Aug 14, 2018 - 1 min read

There is something about antiques that invite people to slow down and ponder about bygone days when life seemed a little simpler and less complicated. Every time I visit Rubino's, I always wish I could linger. My favorite pieces in the shop are the quintessentially English tableware from Burleigh Pottery. I would dream of sipping my coffee, admiring the pattern on them. This year, when Rubino opened Coffee Addict, my dream came true. At this groovy cafe, you can have your coffee and cake and also buy the gorgeous handcrafted cups, saucers and plates they're served in. I highly recommend the cafe's gelato -- denser, silkier, and softer than regular ice cream, the main ingredient (we love raspberry!) shines and at ¥550 for a triple scoop, it's a must-order. Practically everything in the cafe is for sale, from chairs, to tables, from mirrors to potted plants. Coffee Addict offers the perfect excuse to slow down and delight in being surrounded by timeless pieces.

Getting there

Rubino and Coffee Addict are a 15 minute walk away from Komagawa Station (JR Hachiko Line). If driving, it is 15 minutes away from the Ken-O Tsurugashima Inter (圏央道鶴ヶ島). Ample parking spaces available.

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