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400 Year Old Sakura

Ancient blossoms at Koma Shrine

At the Koma Shrine in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture, a weeping variety of cherry blossom about 25 meters tall and believed to be about 400 years old is currently in full bloom since March 27, 2019 and is expected to still be beautiful for about a week. The tree is set beside an old folk house that has been designated an important cultural asset, making it particularly picturesque. The tree is believed to have been planted at the same time as the construction of the house. Koma Shrine traces its history back 1,300 years ago when war survivors from the ancient kingdom of Goguryeo 高麗 (pronounced Koma in Japanese) arrived from Korea and were settled in this area. Some architectural elements reveal Korean influences.

Getting there

From Shinjuku Station, take the JR Saikyo to Kawagoe. Change to the JR Kawagoe Line and get off at Komagawa Station. The shrine is about a 20 minute walk from there. There are taxis at Komagawa Station. Parking is available at the shrine.

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