Crayon Shin-chan Theme Park

Forget Fuji-Q, the Crayon Shin-chan Amusement Game Center in Kasukabe will blow your pants off.

By Alex Silverman    - 1 min read

Well, maybe don’t forget Fuji-Q entirely….but if you’re in the area, the Crayon Shin-chan Amusement Game Center in Kasukabe’s Lala Garden makes for a good alternative. More of an arcade than a theme park, this homage to Crayon Shin-chan’s hometown celebrates the infamous troublemaker and his eponymous series. Statues of the characters and a giant screen showing clips of the series greet visitors at the entrance, while exclusive Crayon Shin-chan goods, gashapon machines, and Shin-chan arcade games make up the rest of the park. As fans can expect, Shin-chan bears all, so if you are feeling squeamish, perhaps Fuji-Q is the safer option. The park also features more traditional non-Shin-chan arcade games as well. Be sure to come with lots of coins.  

On the top floor of Lala Garden, and open from 10:00am-8:00pm daily, the park is about a 5 minute walk from the station’s west exit. Entrance is free.

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