Various subjects appear on hagoita and sculptures (Photo: Elizabeth Scally)
Various subjects appear on hagoita and sculptures (Photo: Elizabeth Scally)

Kasukabe Hagoita Market

Traditional beauties and warriors make good souvenirs

Venue: Kasukabe Station East Exit When: Late Dec 2024

The pride of Kasukabe City is a long tradition of crafting paulownia wood furniture, baskets and hats. But the most eye-catching craft in the city is undoubtedly the hagoita. Since the Muromachi Period, nearly 700 years ago, the hanetsuki game became popular in Japan. The game is similar to badminton. Players bat a shuttlecock back and forth as long as they can using wooden paddles called hagoita. The longer the players can keep the shuttlecock in play, the more luck they can receive in the coming year.

Gradually, the hagoita became an ornamental object in the Edo Period. Oshie, a form of fabric relief sculpture, is applied to the hagoita to depict kabuki actors, celebrities, and even animation characters. The hagoita come in various sizes, and are priced accordingly. Shoppers can take home an image of a warrior or kabuki actor for prosperity, or a maiden for happiness and good luck in the new year.

The Kasukabe Hagoita Market also displays the other traditional crafts produced in the city, so you have a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs to choose from.

If you want to learn more about hagoita and doll production or miss the market, visit the neighboring Iwatsuki Ward of Saitama City, home of the Doll History Museum.


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Sleiman Azizi 4 years ago
Hagoitas are nice. They make a fascinating souvenir but beyond that, the craftsmanship and design behind them are just lovely.
Kim 4 years ago
Ooooh..looks like a great range of fun goodies!
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
Nice items! Are they expensive?
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
For my budget they are expensive :(