Godiva Desserts at Denny's

Velvety rich chocoIate in three decadent desserts

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One of the fun things about eating out are the seasonal offerings at restaurants. Denny's has paired up with Godiva's chef chocolatier, Janic Schvoror, to offer three decadent desserts only available in this originally American chain that has successfully adapted to the Japanese palate.

Godiva, one of the world's most well-known chocolate companies, was founded in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium. The brand with a 90 year history is now synonymous with luxurious, deliciously smooth, high quality chocolates and boasts of over 600 shops around the world, often located in high-end shopping districts.

Expectedly, Denny's Godiva desserts are a little pricier than the regular sweets menu items. The advertisement on our table looked tempting enough but we were perfectly aware that actual dishes infrequently correspond to their brushed up photo counterparts. We ordered two of the items, tempering our expectations. We were delighted to be proven wrong. What was served to us was as luscious as the photos.

The chocolate pancake (¥768 with tax) is a dream collaboration. Denny's signature fluffy pancakes have been transformed with cocoa powder and chocolate ice cream that have been incorporated in the batter. A deep chocolate sauce gives it a final glossy finish that tastes as smooth as it looks. As if the pancakes by themselves were not enough, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sorbet, and cream topped with raspberry bits tease your taste buds.

The mini parfait (¥658 with tax) is the perfect size for a little indulgence after a meal. Despite its small size, this parfait is packed with rich chocolate ice cream, mellow cocoa sorbet, refreshing cocoa jelly, bitter milk chocolate cream and crispy chocolate bits. Caramelized bananas add another layer to this exceptional dessert.

These Godiva desserts may be just the perfect way to treat yourself to a little chocolate deliciousness this holiday season.

Getting there

Denny's has numerous branches and at least 29 in Tokyo alone. We went to the branch in Hanno, Saitama which has a sizable parking lot. It is also about a 10 minute walk from Higashi-Hanno Station served by the Seibu Chichibu Line.

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