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Kato Dairy Farm

A little piece of the Midwest in Hidaka, Saitama

Whenever we miss the American Midwest, we take a trip to Kato Dairy Farm. We buy a waffle cone or a bottle of non homogenized milk and fight over who gets to drink the thick cream at the top. Then, we take our goodies outside and enjoy it in the wide open field which is dotted with trees that have been allowed to grow freely. Under their massive shade, there are benches and the most timeless of play equipment: tire swings. If we're lucky, the beautiful black and white Holstein cows will be out grazing in the enclosed field. If not, we can still say hello to them in their barn. There are a number of fun experiential activities for kids such as butter making (¥500, includes butter tasting with bread or crackers and a cup of milk), cow milking (¥300 and not conducted in the summer), pizza making (¥1000), ice cream making (¥1000), and cheese making (¥1000). Interested parties are requested to make a reservation beforehand.

Getting there

Best to visit by car but it's possible to take a train. Kato Farm is a 20 minute walk from Musashi-Takahagi Station of the JR Kawagoe Line.