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Five Reasons to Lunch at Kato Farm

Beyond farm fresh milk and gelato

We've been to Kato Farm several times but almost always, we get the same thing -- a waffle cone gelato. With the extra long holiday this May, we listed "Try lunch at Kato Farm" as one of the new things we could do in our area (we refused to battle the crowds to travel elsewhere). Woe to you if you have a dairy allergy as practically everything in the menu contains a dairy product. But if you love cheese, then go crazy.

1. The Torori Cheese Bowl (¥580)

The melted cheese bowl
The melted cheese bowl

There are several varieties of this cheese bowl, all priced at ¥580. Extra rice and extra spring onions can be added free of charge. Extra cheese can be ordered for an additional ¥100. The most popular bowl is the black pepper and soy sauce bowl (this photo). Kato Farm staff recommend the Italian tomato bowl which is essentially the same thing but with fresh diced tomato. The pork cheese bowl is limited to only five bowls a day (lucky you if you get this!).

2. Ranch Cream Pasta (¥780)

Cream pasta
Cream pasta

This carbonara style dish is made with fresh pasta (nama pasta) and lots of Kato Farm fresh cream. If you don't feel like having carbonara, there is also shrimp tomato cream pasta and spinach pepperoncino on the menu, all for the same price.

3. Margherita Pizza (¥580)

Margherita pizza
Margherita pizza

Kato Farm's pizzas are roasted in an iron kettle (kamayaki) and are only available on Tuesdays, weekends and holidays. Only a limited amount of dough is prepared the day before. PIzzas are sold out as soon as all the prepared dough is used up. Margherita pizza (this photo) is the most popular also because it is the cheapest. Aside from margherita, there's four cheese pizza and keema curry pizza.

4. Grilled onigiri with cheese (¥150)

Grilled onigiri with cheese
Grilled onigiri with cheese

The cheapest thing on the menu, Kato Farm has added a dairy twist to a Japanese favorite.

5. Free drinks (¥0)

Free drinks
Free drinks

This was completely unexpected. All meals (except for the onigiri) came with a free drink: your choice of Kato Farm fresh milk, coffee or tea. This is your chance to try the super premium non-homogenized pasteurized Kato Farm fresh milk, the closest you can get to naturally sweet raw milk. We opted for two cups of milk for the kids and coffee for myself. I wouldn't be surprised if by giving free milk, customers go back to the counter to buy a bottle to bring home!

Getting there

Best to visit by car but it's possible to take a train. Kato Farm is a 20 minute walk from Musashi-Takahagi Station of the JR Kawagoe Line.

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Kim 4 years ago
You have me so interested by the keema curry pizza...sounds amazing! Everything looks delicious.
Elizabeth S 4 years ago
The pizza and pasta looks delicious. And those prices are reasonable.
Sherilyn Siy Author 4 years ago
They are. Yes, especially considering you get a cup of their premium milk, a bottle of which is pretty pricey!

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