Play & Erase with Fun Sushi Erasers

Iwako’s Stationery: high quality and good as a souvenir

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Items such as USBs or magnets designed in the image of Japanese sushi are simple and unique, and are now known as standard souvenirs from Japan. “Fun Erasers” from Iwako located in Yashio, Saitama, are so sophisticated that you can actually see the craftsmanship in each eraser.

Each set of miniature sushi makes for a great collection of erasers. In addition, you can play with these “sushi” by switching around the toppings and rice, if you wish. “Fun erasers,” which are practical yet provide much amusement, won the first prize in the Most Attractive Japanese Souvenir Contest in 2008.

You can purchase them from Iwako’s online store or at stationery stores across Japan. The price starts at 50 yen (plus tax) for one “sushi.” They are very reasonable, and make great souvenirs for your loved ones.

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