Sayama Sunflower Maze

Get lost among the sunflowers in Sayama City

Mid - Late
Venue: Horigane Community Center When: Mid - Late Aug 2022

There is a community sunflower field maze in the Horigane area of Sayama City every August. The sunflowers typically bloom the last two weeks in August. It doesn't feel like a particularly large sunflower field as you walk among the blooms, but supposedly there are about 10,000 sunflowers.

Thanks to the height of the sunflowers and the density per square meter, the Horigane sunflower field makes the perfect sunflower maze. The sunflowers grow to about 1.7 meters. To be honest, for an adult it is quite easy to get from start to finish. But children will delight in getting lost among the towering blooms. There is a dais in the middle of the field to help people get their bearing. It also doubles up as a convenient place to take a photo.

The sunflower maze is free, but if you want to take some home, it costs ¥100 for five sunflowers.

Getting there

The field is about a 35 minute walk from Shin-Sayama station on the Seibu Shinjuku line.

If you come by car, parking is available at the nearby Horigane Community Center.

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Lynda Hogan

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Justin Velgus 3 weeks ago
Outdoor family info is always appreciated. I like the honest feedback in the descriptions.
Lynda Hogan Author 3 weeks ago
Thank you. I think the reason this one, although not very big, is popular is because it is quite central.
Kim 3 weeks ago
I just love sunflowers! They always look so cheerful 🌻
Lynda Hogan Author 3 weeks ago
Me too and I just love yellow in nature generally.
Elena Lisina 3 weeks ago
We have fields of sunflowers in the south, so once we visited a countryside with such fields. It was strange to walk through flowers that were higher than people! :)
Lynda Hogan Author 3 weeks ago
Isn't it just. Now that you say it, there are only really a handful of flowers that grow taller than people eh. Its strange and wonderful to get lost in the sunflowers. :)