Shirahige Shrine

Lake Biwa's floating torii in Shiga Prefecture

By Cathy Cawood   Mar 7, 2014

Many people are familiar with the big red torii standing in the sea on Miyajima, but Lake Biwa also has a "floating" torii. It is located on the western side of Lake Biwa, at Shirahige Shrine near Takashima. Although it is much smaller than its Miyajima counterpart, it creates a beautiful view set against the constantly changing moods of the lake. The shrine is considered to be a good place to pray for longevity, matchmaking, having a baby, better luck and prosperous business. Perhaps the name is a reference to longevity, because shirahige means "white beard".

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Victoria Vlisides 3 years ago
Nice views! Cypress tress shot caught my eye!
Justin Velgus 3 years ago
Had no idea of this floating torii gate!
Cathy Cawood Photographer 3 years ago
I'm glad you liked these photos, Telloyd!
telloyd 3 years ago
Nice evocation captions for a series of really nice pictures. The lit stone lanterns (frame 9) is a particularly nice shot and I can smell the salty air and musty shrine from here...!
Cathy Cawood Photographer 3 years ago
You were luckier than me, Masayoshi-San. There was a lot of traffic roaring past the evening I was there. Beautiful photo of the torii!