Matsue Umbrella Sky

Adding some color to the rainy season, and beyond!

Jun 1st
Jul 31st
Venue: Karakoro Art Studio, Matsue When: Jun 1st - Jul 31st 2021

Umbrellas and rainy season go hand in hand, and numerous places across Japan have embraced "umbrella sky" events during this time of year. Matsue's Umbrella Sky event will see 216 umbrellas decorate the terrace of the Karakoro Art Studio, adding some whimsical color to the area.

For the snap-happy visitors, the event also consists of a photo competition where guests can win WAON gift cards if they tag the official Instagram account for the event (@enishizuku_official) and use the hashtag #縁雫アンブレラスカイ2021フォトコン.

Getting there

The Karakoro Art Studio has a dedicated stop on the Lakeline Loop Bus, which can easily be caught from Matsue Station or a host of other destinations across the city. Buses depart from the station in 20 minute intervals, and the cost per trip is 200 yen.

Alternatively, the art studio is around 12 minutes on foot from the Matsue-Shinjiko Onsen Station, which is served by the Ichibata Electric Railway's Kita-Matsue Line.

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Elena Lisina 2 weeks ago
I saw such 'umbrella sky' only on photos. I bet it's really nice live.
Elena Lisina 2 weeks ago
Envy! )))