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Dec 20th
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Japanese Swords Collection

The beginning of the Sano Art Museum

Venue: Sano Art Museum When: Oct 31st - Dec 20th 2020

The Sano Art Museum features a range of different art pieces, including paintings, sculptures, and Noh masks to name a few. One of the most notable items in the museum collection is a Japanese sword called “Naginata”, which has been designated as a National Treasure.

A special event at the museum looks into a collection of around 60 Japanese swords, including the Naginata which dates back to the Kamakura Period (13th Century).

Getting there

By Public Transport:

The Sano Art Museum is located approximately three minutes on foot from the Mishima Tamachi Station, served by the Sunzu Line.

By Private Vehicle:

For those who plan to drive to the museum, it's around 8 kilometers from either the Tomei Expressway's Numazu IC or the Shin Tomei Expressway's Nagaizumi Numazu IC. On-site parking is available for around 50 vehicles, and if the lot is full there's also paid parking nearby Mishima Municipal Parking Lot.

More info

Find out more about Sano Art Museum.


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Elizabeth S 3 years ago
The museum got its start with sword the collection. Looks like a good excursion while visiting for onsen!
Kim Author 3 years ago
That would be the perfect getaway at this time of year - some culture, some onsen...some tea! Heaven!