Kiyomizuyama Park in Shizuoka

An attractive green space near the centre

By Peter Sidell   Jun 14, 2016 - 1 min read

Twenty minutes' walk or so east of Shizuoka station, Kiyomizuyama Park is a pleasant place to escape the bustle of the city, wilder and less busy than the central Sunpu Park.

Most of the park is a thickly forested hill, with rough paths and steps leading up to a clearing that offers a nice view of the city; if you want to see more scenery, the clearing also marks the start of the Yatsuyama hiking trail.

The park is also home to a venerable temple called Kiyomizu-dera, not to be confused with its namesake in Kyoto, and there's an impressive rocky cascade, which you can admire from the base of the hill or from a platform looking directly down onto it.

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