Azaleas abound at Komuroyama Park (Photo: Public Domain)
Mid Apr
Early May
Azaleas abound at Komuroyama Park (Photo: Public Domain)

Komuroyama Park Azalea Festival

Around 100,000 azaleas comprising of 40 different types

Venue: Komuroyama Park When: Mid Apr - Early May 2024

Shizuoka's Komuroyama Park is home to an azalea festival around mid-April to early May each year, and there are plenty of the lovely blooms to appreciate! The grounds are home to an impressive 100,000 azaleas in 40 different varieties, and they cover a space of approximately 35,000 square meters. There are also typically a range of flea market booths and food vendors to grab a bite to eat at.

If the overwhelming number of azaleas weren't enough to pique your interest, on clear days visitors can even catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji on the horizon.

Getting there

Komuroyama Park is located about a 15 minute cab ride from the JR Ito Station (served by the Ito Line), or around 20 minutes on foot from Kawana Station (served by the Izu Kyūkō Line).

For those planning to drive to the area, parking is available - however it does tend to fill up quickly during the festival season.


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Elena Lisina 3 years ago
I loved Ito! Japanese name for azalea is tsutsuji?
Kim Author 3 years ago
Yes, that's right!