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Hokkei-ji Temple in Mishima

Meet a host of Buddhist statues at this temple

I do like my Buddhist temples, but for me to write about one here, there needs to be some particular point of interest. (For every one I write about, there are ten that I don't.) For some reason, Mishima has many more temples than other towns of its size, so you can find an interesting one pretty much every time you turn a corner.

Hokkei-ji is close to Mishima Taisha, a large, historical shinto shrine and the town's main draw, and is worth visiting to see its statues. Close to the gate there's a large welcoming committee of these Buddhist carvings, which to my untrained eye look to be influenced by Indian Buddhism.

There are also a couple of ancient, weathered statues in the grounds, and some typically fierce guardians carved from wood under the eaves of the worship hall.

Getting there

The temple is about fifteen minutes' walk from Mishima station, a little way south of Mishima Taisha shrine. There are regular buses from the station to Mishima Taisha.

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