Sunset view that Mt. Fuji is famous for (Photo: Nori)
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The Mount Fuji trails officially open from July 1st (Yoshida Trail) and July 10th (others) and remain open until September 10th. Check the latest climbing status.

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The great Mount Fuji, emblematic of Japan’s natural skyline, looms high in the minds of every traveler in this country. If you are keen to tackle the iconic peak, and to do so in the safest, most enjoyable way possible, one local man could be your ticket to the top: freelance hiking guide Noritoshi Ikezawa. Known familiarly as Nori, Ikezawa learned to speak English in the US and has worked both domestically and internationally, making him sensitive to cultural differences and the needs of overseas visitors.

Nori offers you an opportunity to challenge Fuji like an insider. He is available to lead groups as large as you like—or as small as just one or two people—up the rocky slopes to the summit. He specializes in making sure you don’t get swallowed up among the 300,000 people who scale the mountain’s heights annually. (In fact, when it becomes a World Heritage Site next year, this number is sure to climb even higher!) Your experience can and should be unique.

Most people scale the lower slopes via bus tours, which typically take place in the afternoon on weekends. This is obviously the time you least want to be there. Nori can take you to Fuji during weekdays and at times when the fewest possible number of tourists will be around to compete with you for trail space. He also knows the mountain better than many tour guides, so your post-trip photo album will not be typical. No worries about lugging special equipment around Japan, either, as hiking shoes, raincoats, and everything else you need are available for rent.

Nori’s hikes cost ¥42,000 in Japanese and ¥52,000 in English, and cover one night and two days worth of expert guidance. There is also an option for a ¥7,350 one-night stay with two meals on weekdays. Nori is open to talking to you about special deals, as he’s happy to consider group discounts, custom-designed tours, day-trips, overnight stays, and special provisions for elderly and young people. His customized tours for large groups can include transportation, accommodation, expert guidance on Mt.Fuji climbing, and insurance.

Basically, whatever it is that you want to do on your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Mount Fuji is within the realm of possibility with Nori. Get in touch, tell him what you are hoping for, and let Nori take care of the details.

Tel: 090-3214-0168 (24h)


Facebook users can find Nori there at his Mt.Fuji page.

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