View of Mount Fuji from the sake distillery
View of Mount Fuji from the sake distillery
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Sake at the Foot of Mount Fuji

A journey to discover sake

If you arrive in Japan and want to drink something local, follow me on this experience.

In Japan, the word "sake" refers to all alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, whisky...) In reality, in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is called nihonshu " 日本酒 " (what we Westerners normally call "sake").This beverage is obtained from the fermentation of rice with water and koji spores.

Its origins date back to about 2000 years ago when rice began to be cultivated intensively and a portion of the harvest was destined for fermentation to produce this beverage. Originally, it was mainly drunk at important events (weddings, funerals, festivals...), nowadays it can be drunk at any time. Any occasion is good for a glass of sake. Let's go drink it together at a typical distillery, it's really worth it.


In Japan, there are numerous sake distilleries, each with its own origins and traditions.

I recommend the Fujimasa Brewery distillery, founded in 1866 in the city of Fujinomiya, in the Shizuoka prefecture. In this area, it is possible to use the spring water from Mount Fuji of better quality, because it is germ-free due to its altitude. This makes the production of sake better.

Production technique:

1) steaming room: here the rice is washed and steamed in a huge oven

2) koji room: in this room, the temperature is around 33/38 degrees to propagate koji and it is in this room that the rice is brought once cooked

3) fermentation tank: here, the temperature is controlled based on daily analyses

4) bottling: we have finally reached the final phase of the process, once the sake is ready, it is bottled.

It was possible to witness the preparation of sake through a tour, it was a fantastic experience that I recommend to everyone. In addition to witnessing an explanation of how it is prepared, it was possible to taste various types of sake inside the store, which can be drunk both hot and cold. Be careful not to drink too much! It is delicious but also alcoholic. The staff is very welcoming and helpful, and you can also enjoy the view of Mount Fuji that rewards every sacrifice.


If you have the opportunity to come to this area, I recommend visiting the famous Chureito Pagoda, which offers a breathtaking view of the impressive mountain and the city. I also recommend a visit to the Oshino Hokkai village. It is a very characteristic village that will catapult you back in time.

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