Okura Act City lobby (Photo: Daniel GrandeCastelo / CC BY-SA 2.0)
Okura Act City lobby (Photo: Daniel GrandeCastelo / CC BY-SA 2.0)
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Tokarin, Act City Hotel

Enjoying high-end veganism in Hamamatsu

Hmm! Another bright sparkle for the vegan tourist, especially one with some money to spend. Tokarin, nestled in the harmonica-shaped landmark Okura Act City Towers, just outside of Hamamatsu Station offers not only excellent vegan cuisine but also bird’s eye views of the city and surrounding area.

Within the towers, a Chinese restaurant, Tokarin is one of the three high-end restaurants housed in Okura Act City Hotel, the other two being the buffet restaurant, Figaro and Sazanka, which offers Japanese cuisine. The Act Towers is also known for their breath-taking views of Mount Fuji, the Southern Alps and the Enshu Sea. The hotel is a high-end hotel with prices as to be expected for such an establishment. Naturally, the quality and hospitality is guaranteed.

Now for the food. The vegan dishes of Tokarin are wonderfully served and tasting of heaven. The food really is that splendid. The Vegan Peking Duck, a well-known food here, is excellent in both its taste and its presentation. Though bearing the name of a bird, it is a proper vegan dish with the presentation and taste surprisingly matching its non-vegetarian cousin! Other vegan dishes here are highly lauded. Tokarin's menu is highly sophisticated and truly mouth-watering.

Now while Tokarin is recommended for vegan diners and those willing to try a rich gourmet plant-based meal, the restaurant does also serve non-vegan meals. Chinese, Japanese and western meat-based foods are also available but any vegan diner can easily skip these.

Along with top of the range vegan cuisine, the hotel also provides services like the beauty salon, wedding ceremonies and even a post office, pharmacy, florist and souvenir shopping. Wheelchairs are available for those diners and guests who require them.

Getting there

Tokarin is an easy 3-minute walk from the East Exit of JR Hamamatsu Station. A trip from Tokyo takes 90 minutes by Shinkansen bullet train.

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