White Clouds on Mt. Fuji

A day trip to Fujisan

By Reynald Ventura    - 1 min read

To climb Fujisan,

To arrive at the summit,

Is it important?

Gazing at her from afar,

Isn’t that more than enough?

On Sunday, a friend and I drove to Mt. Fuji. From Fujisawa City, it took about two hours and a half. The road was basically ours until we arrived at the parking entrance; there, we had to wait for about forty-five minutes. There were busloads of Chinese-speaking tourists; there were also Thai men garbed in bright orange cloth; I also saw veiled Bahasa-speaking ladies taking selfies. There were more foreign tourists than locals who were dressed to the nines in their finest outdoor gear.

My friend and I only wanted a glimpse of Fujisan. Thus, I decided to make a film haiku.

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Reynald Ventura

Reynald Ventura @reynald.ventura

I have a little garden: slightly bigger than the forehead of a cat. I grow herbs: parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, and mint, and lemon grass, and lavender, and basil. Occasionally, I cook for myself. Sometimes, my Japanese wife and my daughter like my cooking. I come from the Philippines – it is said that there are more than seven thousand islands but I do not own one. I’d love to, though. I always carry a camera with me – in my walks, journeys, and wanderings. Most of the time, I’m home – staring at Fujisan and writing something.

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Reynald Ventura Videographer 3 years ago
Thanks, Victoria.
Andrew C. 3 years ago
I'm going there next next week, so excited!
Reynald Ventura Videographer 3 years ago
Thanks, Andrew.