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Daiso “Dollar Store” in Photos

Daiso ダイソー Japan is the dollar discount store that delivers unique value; one-of-a-kind items that you never knew you actually needed. This particular shop is located in Chiba prefecture, so you can easily drive up to the store and right into a free parking space. Pricing is simple: If the item does not have a price tag, you bet it’s an amazingly low price of 100yen plus tax.

Uniquely Japanese Shops

Electronics stores, hundred-yen shops, discount stores, "Creative Life" stores, are some of the shops that visitors will find only in Japan

Takeshita Street at Sundown

There’s no denying the cultural significance of the epicentre of Lolita fashion. In the evening, the neon signs come out to clash with the already-bright colours of Takeshita street.