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When you are in Japan you have to make the time to visit one of it's electronic superstores. Bic Camera is one of these stores and when in Okayama it's at the station.
The Kurashiki morning market is held on the third Sunday of the month and it is conveniently located in the shopping arcade right across from Kurashiki station.
Information on rental kimonos in Kurashiki city, Okayama prefecture. This is a great experience for first time visitors as well as for anyone who is looking to deepen their understanding and enjoyment of Japanese culture.
Ohara Museum of Art is the oldest western museum in Japan. A peaceful environment to enjoy viewing some of the worlds most famous artists of all time.
If you enjoy quality jeans and fashion, or are just looking for a unique made-in-Japan gift, make sure to pay a visit to the Betty Smith Jeans Museum in Kojima, Japan!
HONMACHI is one of those places where you walk around and imagine where the water might have been. Here you find coffee shops, cafes, sake makers and guest houses.
Teori Company located in the hills of Mabi Town. Continuing the long tradition of crafting bamboo and, in collaboration with local designers, creating amazing products
AEON Kurashiki is located not far from the heart of the city. It’s like having a mall in your own back yard.