Flowers of Japan

Spring time flowers in Japan

 By Elena Lisina   Aug 10, 2016

Hanami or “admiring blooming flowers” is very important for the Japanese culture. Usually, it relates to sakura as it blooms almost first in spring time. But, very soon after sakura there comes blooming of fuji, azalea, iris and all kinds of flowers that you can admire in numerous parks all over Japan. The largest display of flowers, and quite spectacular, are Hitachi Seaside Park, Ashikaga Flower Park, Hitsujiyama Park, Hamamatsu Flower Park and others. April and May are really “flower” months in Japan!

Photography by Elena Lisina
Japan Travel Member

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Ken k 10 months ago
Very Beautiful!
Elena Lisina Photographer 8 months ago
Arigatou gazaimasu!
Yuna Gena a year ago
Oh my G, so beautiful. This is in spring. Do you have recommendation for autumn? I like your posts. :) Mind to share the link? Thank you.
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Thank you! Of course, I don't mind sharing the link! I've never visited Japan in autumn as I took part in the exhibition that was hold during Golden Week. My dream is to visit Japan in autumn next year!
Cathy Cawood a year ago
I love the way people in Japan enjoy going to see flowers. Thank you for all these beautiful photos - the first one is my favorite.
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Yes, I was amazed by crowds of people watching flowers and sakura even though they have it every year in Japan! And the amount of flowers is just fantastic!
Victoria Vlisides a year ago
Love all the flowers in Japan!
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Me too! In spring Japan is like a Paradise garden!
Andrew Choi a year ago
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Domou arigatou! : )