Moose Family Camp Resort

Bilingual campsite with lots of extras

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Moose Family Camp Resort is a family friendly campsite in Nasu,Tochigi Prefecture. It is definitely worth considering for a camping experience in Japan for several reasons, not least that it is a completely bilingual resort. They have several accommodation choices so you can chose how 'wild' you want to go. No matter what you choose, there are several facilities and services at this campsite that ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. Furthermore, it is very reasonably priced and open all year round. As if all that wasn't enough, it is owned and run by two of the most welcoming and accommodating people you could ever meet.

Accommodation Choices

  • Tent sites
  • Sky tent
  • Trailers
  • Camper vans
  • Cabins

Retro camping is all the rage in Japan at the moment. Moose Family Camp Resort offers a generous taste of old style camping. We stayed in a camper van, which was a dream come true for my kids. It fit the six of us comfortably. It is an old camper van, but comfortable and convenient. There is a small kitchen, living space, toilet and shower. Outside the camper van, and all trailer and tent sites, there is a barbecue area with a table and benches.

Facilities and services

  • All year round outdoor jacuzzi
  • Catering
    • Party room that can be hired
    • You can order barbecue to made for you
    • Seasonal meals such as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners
  • Swimming pool and water play in summer
  • Fishing in winter
  • Private bath for rent
  • Laundry room
  • Baby room (diaper changing / baby bath)
  • Indoor play room
  • Outdoor playground and various bikes and balls you can use for free
  • Wildlife!
  • Annual events including, but not limited to:
    • The real Santa Claus visits every year in December
    • Firefly viewing in June
    • Halloween decorations and party in October
For anyone in Japan right now, Santa Claus will be Moose Family Camp Resort until December 26th.
For anyone in Japan right now, Santa Claus will be Moose Family Camp Resort until December 26th.

For anyone in Japan right now, Santa Claus will be at Moose Family Camp Resort until December 26th. There is a plastic partition up between Santa and the guests (required to wear masks), and the Santa House has an open front, so you can visit Santa in safety. The Santa house has a lovely open fire, a beautiful Christmas tree and seasonal decorations. For last minute bookings, you can contact Ervin (English language) or Rika (Japanese language) through the campsite's Facebook group.

We have been to dozens of campsites in Japan. If you ask my four children which campsite is their favorite, without a second's hesitation they will answer "Moose" in unison. Apart from all that the campsite has to offer and the hours of unadulterated fun they enjoyed, it is the gregarious owners that made a lasting impression on them. There were tears, lots of them, when it came time to leave Moose Family Camp Resort. We'll just have to go back for another visit!

Getting there

By public transport: The nearest train station - Kurodahara Station - is about four kilometers away, which would take about 50 minutes on foot. You can get a taxi from Kurodahara Station, it takes about ten minutes.

By car: the campsite is about a 20 minute drive from the Nasu Interchange of the Tohoku expressway. Head north east toward Kurodahara Station. Go east from the station on prefectural route 28.

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