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Nasu's Sessho-seki or Killing Stone

Nasu's link to Japanese mythology

Nasu’s Sessho-seki, or the Killing Stone, is one of several features in the historically rich region of Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture. A core part of Japanese mythology, the Sessho-seki stone, Sanzu river, and the hundreds of Jizu statues that adorn the site represent an important tradition of the area as well as an important part of the great Buddhist lineage of Japanese culture. The Killing Stone is linked to the story of Otogizoshi, a story that dates back to the Nuromachi period of Japanese narratives, as well as the famous book The Narrow Road to the Deep North, an account of Matsuo Bashō’s visit to Nasu. This whole area is set in the amazing natural beauty of northern Tochigi as well as having an inspiringly rich mythology and amazing onsen experiences. Sessho-seki is accessible by car and by bus.

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